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LORROS discussions organize your group’s email communication into discussion topics with comments and replies to comments. No more relying on each member’s individual email system to create reliable paper trails.

No more broken threads because someone forgets to hit the "reply all" button.

  • Conventional emails can be hard to follow if someone doesn't respond right away. Their response can get lost in the flow of the thread.

  • Traditional email threads never end - and are usually not easily available to new members looking for information and background when they join the group.

  • LORROS keeps every conversation together, grouping replies with comments making it very easy to follow the discussion.

Opt in or out of receiving the emails without losing the conversation.

  • If there is a discussion that doesn't interest you, it is easy to opt out of receiving all the emails, but you can go online at anytime and see the entire discussion.

  • With traditional email threads, you are either in or out - and if you're out there is no way of seeing the conversation

  • Email threads never end . . . LORROS discussions have an end date encouraging everyone to participate in a timely fashion. Once the discussion is closed, it's over.

  • Closed discussions are available as an archive and can be searched at anytime.

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All discussions are stored online in a central location (cloud).

  • Traditional email threads are stored on individual computers or email accounts, and can be complex to review the entire thread.

  • LORROS discussions are saved in the database, are keyword searchable and can be printed out as a pdf.

  • It is also possible to include discussions in LORROS meetings by linking the discussion in the agenda item, or the comments.
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