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LORROS allows you to conduct a formally structured meeting using email. Prepare the agenda, upload documents and other files, comment and reply to items on the agenda, prepare and vote on motions and access complete accurate minutes as soon as the meeting is over. A great meeting tool for any group of busy people.

Eliminate scheduling conflicts.

  • Meet over multiple days allowing you to participate when and where it is convenient.

  • Instead of disrupting your work flow to sit through a meeting, the meeting comes to you, and you participate at your convenience.

  • LORROS provides structure to meetings by closely following Robert’s Rules of Order.

Cover all topics without having to rush through the agenda.

  • Cycle through the agenda in any order you choose, permitting you to return to any topic at any time. No agenda items deferred due to a lack of time.

  • Spend time on the topics that are most important to you.

  • No time wasted waiting for people to arrive, in small talk, by going off topic, or by long winded participants.

  • Taking time for reflection and even research before submitting comments leads to a more productive dialog.

  • Voting is secret and votes can be changed at any time prior to end of the meeting.

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All comments, replies and votes are compiled as submitted to produce accurate minutes.

  • Get instant and accurate meeting minutes online without anyone having to take notes.

  • No more waiting for draft minutes - as soon as the meeting ends the minutes are sent right to your email.

  • Minutes can be downloaded as pdf and rtf (Rich Text Format) to be distributed.
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